Please welcome contributing columnist Stu Lehr to “She the People ~News”. Stu is a certified USPTA Professional who’s been involved in teaching racquet sports from the Main-land to Maui for more than 25 years. Presently, he’s the manger of a Beach Club, north of Boston, as well as a teaching pro at Bass River Tennis Club in Beverly, Massachusetts.

It’s a privilege to share the advice of this USPTA New England, MA State President with people who love to play tennis yet can’t help wondering if  ‘picking up a pickle-paddle has the potential to poison your relationship with your party-animal tennis-partners. (Try saying that three times, fast)

Party Animal Players: front row: Deb Shepard, Linda Kammerer, Dawna Bousquet, Nancy Cress, Diane Kilgore, Francie Miller, Carol Reagan, Ann Taylor, Lynne Kimball, Gail von Metzch, back row : Betsy Burns, Sarah Brogna, MaryAnn Hefernan, Tory Phillip,

It may come as a surprise but Lehr believes pickle is a plus for players of all courts.  Here’s his (previously published in 2022)  point of view:

“Over the summer, I play / teach some tennis, but more pickle ball.

traditional pickle court

The fall /winter is the time of year when I play more tennis and platform tennis. I have always been asked the question, ‘Does pickle ball screw-up your tennis and or platform game?’

Until this year, I never really noticed if it did or didn’t affect these other games. Much to my surprise, playing and teaching more pickle ball this past summer has had a positive effect on both games.

In the fall, I started playing my indoor tennis contract and also my platform tennis league. In the past, I always had a tough time transitioning from my summer mode into my fall /winter mode.

Paddle tennis court

This year I noticed that not only did I have an easier time transitioning, I also noticed that I was playing much smarter and using a lot of shots that I use in pickle ball. In pickle ball, I use the 3rd shot drop and dink.

When I got out on the tennis court and platform court, I started slowing my process and using these types of shots. Not only was I controlling the pace of the points, I was setting myself up for more success with these shots.

All court players Gretchen Abel & Sarah Wattendorf teaching old dogs new tricks

So next time you’re out there playing these sports, think of how learning to play better pickle ball may positively affect your other racquet and  paddle sports.”

“She” thanks you Coach Lehr…. long may the ball bounce your way.


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