Raspy-Rita is the kind of cocktail that makes a girl comfortable committing to a liquid diet!

There’s something soul-satisfying when really ripe fruit crashes over Kosher crystals. In a way it’s similar to the mystical nexus between the end of one season and the beginning of the next.

RUN, SKIP or HOP as fast as you can to try this delish sip of springiness.

As a mock-tail, Rita delivers the clean, clear taste of this sensual season.

As a tequila laced cocktail this bitch may have you adapting Beatles classics.

“Lovely Rita Margarita,  ~ Where would I be without you  ~  Give me a wink and make me think of two!

Credit for this raspy-inspiration belongs to ” Any Bitch Can Drink”  a fantastic little book of cocktails that covers all seasons and ‘Santa On the Rocks’ who somehow knew I’d put this gift to good use.

Live sassy my darlings.


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