If your wildest dreams include space travel, NASA’s mission to Mars proves dreams really do come true.  Last Thursday, an unmanned land-rover, “Perseverance” landed on the red planet to sample the atmosphere and search for signs of ancient microbial life. The space lab traveled 293 million miles to reach it’s destination.   If you feel as though your week has been nearly as long, sampling an ice cold MARS-tini may launch you into weekend mode. Keep your helmet and gloves handy if you plan to blast into Martha Stewart’s 5 star recipe.


Space Gear” JFK Presidential Library and Museum Boston, June 19, 2019




NASA’s “Curiosity”, a car sized land rover landed on Mars, August 2012


Weekend-wear on Mars

Log on to NASA.GOV  to follow “Perseverance”  The videos are out of this world!

Happy weekend darlings. xoxo

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