Dinah Manoff has written a novel novel. At first blush the black lacquered book-cover with pops of hot-pink makes ya think ‘The Real True Hollywood Secrets of Jackie Gold’ will spill across the book’s pages like chardonnay on a summer day. It certainly can read like a breezy, sleazy cruise through the hype and heartbreak of Hollywood, but there’s so much more to the story. Manoff’s mastery of metaphorical detail draws careful readers deeper into an existential evaluation of life. This book modernizes a story as old as time with plot twists even Sigmund Freud would have to sit back and analyze.

‘Jackie Gold’, is cleaver, creative and a little bit sexy. It’s a perfect lounge-chair read. However, once you start sipping it’s content, Manoff’s imagery splashes through your mind like a rising tide. Her sophisticated style has produced a fun story that’s also a provocative still-life portrait of self-discovery.

Dinah Manoff, Author, Actress, Director and Tony Award Winner

What distinguishes ‘Jackie Gold‘ from other pop-culture reads is it’s artful technique of fusing flash-backs with a heightened state of ‘consciousness’ during a coma.  Manoff uses an accident to deliver 30 year old Ms.Gold, a near-dead starlet, to the hospital where she had been born. Her time in the hospital, with a rotating cast of meaningful characters, becomes a gestational incubator of insight. While Gold loses her ‘Hollywood glitterati’ status her ‘REAL TRUE’ spiritual awakening is born through crisis.

“The Real True Hollywood Story of Jackie Gold” is more than a few pages of glitter ~ it’s a golden choice for any beach-bag or book-club!

PS, If Dinah looks familiar to you, you may recognize her from her roles in the movie Grease, or TV shows, Soap and Empty Nest.

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