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If you find yourself in New York City on March 28th it will be worth your while to grab a ticket to see the Today Show’s dynamic duo, as Hoda and Jenna launch the  ‘Everything Beautiful’  Tour.  If you can’t make it to The Temple Emanu-El Streicker Center, ( One East 65th Street NY) ordering a copy of Jenna’s book, ‘Everything Beautiful in It’s Time: Season’s of Love and Loss ‘  is another way to appreciate the snapshot of this All-American family.

Hoda, Jenna, and Barbara  ‘First Sisters’ book tour at Y92 NYC October 24,2017

Written in her warm and breezy style the book is a perfect compliment to her ‘day-time-darling’ persona on Today.  It’s so quick and witty you can almost hear Jenna’s voice on every page.

Mapping the life she’s shared with twin sister Barbara ‘Everything Beautiful’ reads like a casual walk down memory lane.  Some of the stories take a country-mile turn into the home of maternal grandparents Harold and Jenna Welch. Some stories slide along polished White House banisters, and others track sand across floors of the Bush Family Compound in Maine.  Playfully, the New York Times Best Selling author mixes homespun lessons of virtue with intimate sneak peaks into landmark events of our shared history. Whether she’s stargazing in Texas, slipping Secret Service Details in D.C., or fishing in Maine, Jenna’s stories are so relatable, so funny, so charming it’s easy to love her and this book.

Bush Family Compound Kennebunkport, Maine

While Jenna and Barbara’s Granddad and Dad were wartime Presidents their ‘Ganny’ and Mom were unflappable First Ladies. Under extraordinary circumstances the twin sisters somehow lived like ordinary kids.

President George H.W. Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush at the family compound in Maine. ( photo credit ; First Family Museum, 8 Maine Street Kennebunkport, Maine )

In this book, Jenna’s kindred-spiritedness focuses on sibling stuff, parenting stuff and the stuff that goes along with falling in love and having babies. Absent is any sense of pretense. “Everything Beautiful in It’s Time ” is however a book about the privileges and pains of humanity. Along with the laughs ‘Everything Beautiful’ draws readers toward the intense psychological charge of time’s dynamic passage. As sure as there are stars in a Texas night sky and fish in the depths of Maine’s ocean, loss is a part of every love story.

Confronting the spaces between loving and losing, these pages chronicle the rapid successive passings of five Bush /Hager ancestors. Coinciding with heartaches the joys of  twin sister Barbara’s wedding, an unexpected job offer and an unplanned pregnancy put the Today Show co-host on an emotional rollercoaster. In addition to loving relationships with her husband and kids Jenna writes candidly about her meaningful friendship with co-worker Savannah Guthrie and a faith-based psychotherapist who help her find beauty in all life’s challenges.

Engaging, heartfelt and free of trash-talk ‘Everything Beautiful In It’s Time’ is a worthwhile read. You’ll recognize Bush family members and friends on every page, but more importantly you’ll see yourself and your loved ones in the common bonds and beautiful love stories of life and loss.

Saint Ann’s Episcopal Church 167 Ocean Ave Kennebunkport Maine – indoor /out-door chapel attended by the Bush Family


Barbara and Jenna Bush October 2017 NYC



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