Yes, Godmothered begins with “Once Upon a Time”, and ends with “And They Lived Happily Ever After” ~ but it’s not your typical fantasy.  Godmothered shatters the old glass ceiling of fairytales with a new~fangled glass slipper!

Updating the definition of “Happily Ever After~ing” this contemporary Christmas classic is sprinkled with Disney tech, colors and modern sensibilities. Fusing together the dreams of a wanna-be Fairy Godmother and a forty year old single mom this feel-good feature focuses hocus-pocus on the best of old and new wishes.


Historic Boston, Charlestown and Marblehead, Massachusetts are portals to Fairy Godmother-style snow squalls and quaint Christmas lighting where picturesque architecture adds gilding to a  watermelon carriage-ride and new-found insights.  Wanding her way through the plot as Moira, SNL alum, Jane Curtain is an old-fashion, hair-raising maven who wrote the ancient ‘how-to’ rules on Fairy Godmothering. Comedian Jillian Bell is glitter-gowned Eleanor, the non-conforming, wanna-be wish-granter who finds Mackenzie, played by Isla Fisher, decades after she wrote a letter longing for someone to grant her wish to live ‘Happily-Ever-After.”

Boston’s Zachim Bridge ~ on the way to Charlestown and Marblehead.

The premise isn’t new but the pink-plot twist is. No longer bound by the spell to find a charming prince, screenwriters Kari Granlund and Melissa Stack redefine the spirit of happiness by ‘broad-en-ing’ it.  The true-love moral of Godmothered is open to self-determination of Happily-Ever-After~ing.

Although laugh out loud funny, this 1 hour 53 minute fantasy is also a heartfelt triumph of feminism.

Rated PG for some suggestive comments, STP-News thinks Godmothered is worthy of happy-holiday consideration for the whole family.

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