Can you imagine wandering among 80 larger than life topiaries in a garden as spellbinding as any fairytale setting?

In The Green Animals Topiary Garden serpentine shrubs bank trellised hearts, corralling a menagerie of animals, some of whom have lived in Portsmouth, Rhode Island for more than a century.

Yesterday, the manicured green-giants were joined by 14 technicolor sculptures. Their organic shapes are simply other-worldly yet they cozy into the this special garden as though they have a life-long connection to the site. And, in a way they do!

The fusion of fantasies gently updates the folklore of ‘Jack in the Beanstalk’.  The juxtaposition spins imaginations into a whimsical atmosphere.  Following a gravel walkway to pine scented paths, visitors are lead from one garden-room to the next. Guests of all ages are diminutive gnomes in this tech-free environment of wonder where pansies and bees pop-up along budding flowers and trees,

Sean Kenney and his team of artisans spent 240 hours using 29,314 Legos to create this pansy and bee sculpture

This Once Upon a Time setting of Green Animals is home to fanciful creations designed by world renowned, Lego artist, Sean Kenney. It’s as though Sean found himself strolling around the green-giants and sprinkled their sod with a pocket full of Legos that grew into a kinder version of Jack’s fairytale world.

10% of hummingbirds are extinct. Like many flowers and their pollinators, trumpet vines and hummingbirds have co-evolved to form a mutually beneficial relationship.

The fantasy can be taken at face-value. However, what takes this visual exhibit to a more thought-filled, emotional place is capturing the enormity of the  display and understanding it as an extension of Kenney’s view of the environment. His thesis is simple : We Are Connected to Nature.  In context, the Legos are metaphors for how all creatures are connected to each-other and the Earth.

The message is powerful. Our eco-system is an ancient garden of symbiotic relationships.

Made of 27,788 Legos, this dragonfly took 515 hours to build. In nature the eco-beneficial critter is carnivorous gobbling up pests and mosquitos throughout it’s life cycle.

Leslie Jones, Director of Museum Affairs and Chief Curator of The Preservation Society of Newport County explained the reason Sean Kenney’s Nature Connects, exhibit works so well at The Green Animal Topiary Garden. “The homestead, built in 1872 rests on 7 acres along the Narragansett Bay. It’s fabled history includes memories of entertaining Jackie Bouvier in her debutant year, the former First Lady’s children, Caroline and John Kennedy as well the Eisenhower family. With a sprawling lawn and manicured gardens, it remains an idyllic place to connect friends, families and guests of all ages with nature and the green concept of Sean Kenney.”

Leslie Jones speaking at the kick-off of Green Animals Topiary Garden /Nature Connects reception

The installation, is open now through September, 10th. Because the gardens have been lovingly maintained by both family members and professionals, they are in an evolution of color throughout the spring, summer and fall seasons.  Spending time with the Green and not so green Animals will delight anyone who visits this historic site.  No matter your species, The Green Animal Topiary Gardens are family-friendly!

These deer are a symbol of peace and tranquility. As vegetarians they often eat gardener’s prized veggies and plants. However, these two, made of 37,879 Legos, will be content to graze under the pines of The Green Animal Topiary Gardens till Fall.

Settle into an Adirondack chair, or bring a picnic-blanket to enjoy the Garden.

Beware of spiders though,,, they seem to pop-up in the least expected places.

Green Animal Topiary Garden:

380 Corys Lane Portsmouth, Rhode Island

Timed tickets are required : $10.00 for kids 6-12, adults $25.00





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