Members of the Romney family have been contributing to America’s landscape since the 1950’s. Without question they’re successful in business but the All-American family’s dynastic ambition is to make the White House their home. Unsuccessful so far, it seems obvious it’s time to shift gears and develop a new strategy.

Contributing to the family’s political pedigree Ann Romney has been sandwiched between the Presidential ambitions of her father-in-law George and husband Mitt. In her own style, she’s been a reliable campaigner for the Republican men.  But, as she reveled in her book “In this Together: My Story”, she’s much more of a force than she appears to be. The question is, is it time to say the Romney family has been promoting the wrong Romney?

Catching up with the author on her book-tour Mrs. Romney made it clear her New York Times best seller is more than a political vehicle. This book is a timeless recipe for success in life.

When you have 10 rushed minutes to speak with someone as experienced with reporters as Ann Romney is it’s a challenge to ask her a question she hasn’t dodged a thousand times before.  Rather than wonder out loud what the family’s next political move would be, I instead began our time together discussing the Fluffernutter recipe she included on page 11 of The Romney Family Cookbook. 

After she stopped laughing at the unconventional question, Mrs. Romney asked if it would be Ok to use some of our time to relate a family story. She said “One of our sons summed up his disappointment when his dad lost the election to Obama by saying ‘Mrs. Obama’s nutritional initiatives may be a good idea, but if dad were in the White House now, kids would get Fluffernutter sandwiches for lunch everyday and love it!’ “

An All American favorite Peanutbutter and Fluff

With the flip of a Fluff container the door to discussing past, present and future Romney interests in the White House was opened. She admitted they cried the night Mitt conceded the presidency in 2012. “It kills us we didn’t win.” She said she knew Mitt would have made a strong president and lead the country in a direction away from the political entanglements we’re in now.

“In This Together” is a mix of easy-to-read stories outlining the Romney family philosophy.  They base their lives on family, faith and service to others.  In the foreseeable future Ann imagines one or two of their five boys will follow the political lead of their granddad and dad. But said “then again you never know what might happen.”

So often dismissively characterized as a woman who lives a ‘charmed’ life.  Ann Romney’s life story also includes her struggle with multiple sclerosis.  Diagnosed with the disease in 1998. ‘My Story’ recounts her initial feelings of anxiety, depression and isolation. Crediting her work-ethic, support from family, friends and brilliant research scientists she said she is in remission.

The personal challenge lead Mrs. Romney to spearhead fundraising efforts to construct an eight-floor facility at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.  Doctors working at the Ann Romney Center for Neurologic Diseases are dedicated to cross-road research on ALS, Alzheimer’s, MS, Parkinson’s and brain tumors. Breaking through departmental silos has helped researchers  find keys to unlock some of the brain’s mysteries and accelerate innovations.

When our 10 minutes were up, I ended the interview asking if there was any reason to think she’d be serving Fluffernutters in the White House in the future. She laughed again, saying “Excuse me, I gotta run.”

Mitt Romney campaigned unsuccessfully to be the 2016 Republican nominee for president. (losing to Donald Trump ). Since then he’s gone on to serve Utah as a Senator.  Rather than avoid political entanglements, he’s adopted an agitators role in the Senate arbitrarily opposing most initiatives proposed by President Trump. He boasted of not voting for Trump in the 2020 election.. Predictably spiteful his media-appearances have become show-boating opportunities trying to remain relevant for a potential third run to be nominated to run for President by Republicans in 2024.

If in four years, moving into the White House remains the family ambition, perhaps it’s time to revise the Romney recipe for success and ~ nominate Ann to be the next candidate.



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