What if we put JAWS, the summer movie of all summer movies, through our Wildest Dreams time-machine, and it reimagines the allegorical version of ” The Old Man and the Sea” as a tale with a very different tail?

How ’bout the shark doesn’t devour the Martha’s Vineyard skinny-dipper, but instead puts on a smile and makes her a cocktail?

We’re calling this deliciously tipped-over fantasy a “Deep Dive Lemonade” ( it’s actually a 5 star electric lemonade recipe from Food.com….)

The recipe suggests using equal parts vodka and blue curaƧao with an ounce of sweet-and-sour mix per tail.

Next time you feel ‘tear your clothes off hot’ try a ‘Deep Dive’ and rewrite this summer classic tale with the Wildest Dreams of your own ~ how the fantasy ends is up to you.

Stay Sassy Summer Lovers! XOX


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