Soaring between heaven and earth Kathie Lee Gifford’s latest book, ‘It’s Never Too Late’ is inspirational, but you’ll need a seat belt for this literary destination.

Each of it’s 208 pages are filled with Kathie Lee’s dreams and heartbreaks. Because Gifford thanks God for everything,” It’s Never Too Late’ doesn’t shy away from celebrating the light or the dark of her 67 years. Explaining her days of ups and downs this book is written in Kathie’s familiar lyrical style. You can feel the loves and the losses on the bumpy flight she’s taken to get where she is today.

The book’s Foreword by Dolly Parton is a love letter to her friend. It’s also an invitation to all women to wake up each day with a dream.  Dolly says ” In order to make dreams come true, you have to put legs, arms, feet and wings on them.” Thirty-five chapters later Kathie Lee explains how she’s used all of them to manifest her wildest dreams and answer her most heartfelt prayers.

“Never Too Late”  landmarks Kathie’s dream-scapes but it’s also a reminder to believers to create their own dreams and build on them with faith in God’s plan. Long-time fans of Gifford know the landscape of her life from small town wanna-be to day-time star. Anchoring the stories of co-hosting Regis and Kathie Lee and years on the Today Show with Hoda Kotb, Kathie Lee’s tales are infused with the psychological tenacity it took for her to find success when she thought she was sinking. In disappointment, in frustration, in humiliation Kathie Lee remains resolutely committed to following her spiritual intuition that He knows better than she what lies ahead. Rather than retiring, Kathie Lee is re-firing her life and encourages the like-minded to make the next act of your life, the greatest act of your life.

Famous friends and not-so famous friends splash throughout Kathie’s life stories like her signature varietal wines, GIFFT. Although this book is considered a memoir it reads more like a travel itinerary.  Gifford has done a lot of work to become successful, but there’s so much more she plans to do.  In addition to writing and co-starring in an upcoming romantic comedy  “Then Came You” with Craig Ferguson and Elizabeth Hurley,  Kathie can be seen on the Hallmark Channel in the Godwink series. While you’re waiting for “ It’s Never Too Late” to arrive by Amazon or Santa’s sleigh catch  “A Godwink Christmas” and believe those inexplicable coincidences in your life are actually God working for you in mysterious ways ~ with a wink.

She the People News’  thinks “It’s Never Too Late” is worth reading with or without the GIFFT of chardonnay.

Chapter 21: It’s Never Too Late , Have a Party  “For if love is truly real, then love never dies “~ KLG


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