Guest Contributor Nancy Wigglesworth Dugan has ‘cleaned up her act ‘ from the inside out.

Reframing her thoughts on living a healthier life have transformed her appearance, the home she lives in and the way she sees her future.


Looking at her before and after pictures, the newly retired Special Education teacher from Martha’s Vineyard and her Haven-home have experienced a true metamorphosis.

Nancy explains her process in her own words,

”  I started my health journey in November 2019, around Thanksgiving. My only regret was that I didn’t do it sooner. It’s never too late to start, but, I’m glad I did it before I turned sixty



I have found that learning new healthy habits and taking it slow, one habit at a time, reinforces new behaviors. Those newly acquired habits build momentum to move along to the next goal and another positive behavior modification.


My focus in the last couple of months has been to declutter and create healthy surroundings.  Through this process I’ve learned how emotionally difficult it was for me to let things go.

People would say ‘ you have a lot of stuff’ …. mmmmm but I didn’t see it. I was great at organizing ( helpful hint : You don’t see your own clutter as a mess ).  Those shoes I loved but probably would never wear again, the coffee mug someone gave me, my grandmother’s dishes, cute signs, etc, were all just STUFF cluttering my life.


So far during my decluttering phase, I have found  a happy medium from being a clutterer to a minimalist. I’m learning it’s Ok not to buy and hold onto everything, just because I want it or it was given to me. Gifting old treasures to someone who appreciates them or needs them streamlined my home and gave me a sense of satisfaction. It became liberating to give things away.



Proudly Nancy says she’s lost 75lbs, gained energy and a new perspective on life. If you’re interested in hearing more, reach out to  Nancy Wigglesworth Dugan on Facebook or and link to her coaching services to lean how to streamline your waist and your waste! 





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