Here’s an opportunity to add your signature to a project destine to be outta-this-world. Members of the public are invited to add their names to an upcoming NASA Mission set to travel 1.8 billion miles to one of Jupiter’s icy moons, Europa.

The spacecraft known as  ‘Europa Clipper’  is expected to launch form Cape Canaveral, Florida in October 2024. it will reach it’s final destination in 2030.

Aboard this Clipper-spaceship will be a poem  “In Praise of Mystery: A poem for Europa”, created by U.S. Poet Laureate Ada Limón. Limón is the first Latina to be named as Poet Laureate of the United States. Her past professional experiences have been working for Martha Stewart Living, GQ, and Travel and Leisure. Her eclectic skill sets have also been used to write books on poetry in a style that celebrates all forms of nature.

Jet Propulsion Lab and Ada Limón in California Photo Credit : NASA /Library of Congress”In Praise of Mystery : A Poem for Europa”  and signatures will serve metaphorically as a message in a bottle as they travel to an ocean below Jupiter’s icy crust to investigate the planet’s ability to support life. If your name is received before December 31st 2023, it will be stenciled onto a microchip and accompany Limòn’s poem to the ringed planet.

She’s getting ready to launch with you.

To hear Limòn read the poem and watch an animated video, go to :

To participate in the mission by adding your signature visit:

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