Fenway Park recently welcomed amateur and professional pickleball players to experience the love of their sport inside Boston’s legendary field of dreams. The launch of Pickle4 America’s Ball Park Tour in Boston coupled the excitement of opening-day with a sense of great, if somewhat unknown, expectations.

Fenway Park getting ready for a new kind of ‘opening- day’ excitement

For some, pickleball has reached cult status. For others it’s a curious sport that just makes a racquet. Ben Weinberger, President of Pickle4America said “The sport has limitless appeal in urban and suburban settings. However, because it’s a new sport, modifications to the game and it’s equipment are inevitable. It’s a process of evolution that will take a little time ”

The sport that’s causing buzz on and off the courts is somewhat of a challenge to define. It’s a hybrid of tennis, ping-pong and if you can believe it, even yoga. Some yogis are converting their exotic poses into pickle prowess.

Parris Todd: 2022 Major League Pickleball’s MVP

Tennis players are adapting to the approximate size of regulation courts. Ping-pong players relate to the tricks of light-weight ball torque and those mystical yogis, flow from one contortion to the next, reaching balls that baffle the less flexible.

Parris Todd plays in Fenway Park’s Pickle4 America Inaugural

For both amateurs and pickle-pro’s the demi-courts generate a uniquely welcoming atmosphere. Belly laughs, camaraderie and the special spark of friendships spin along lanes of the game that’s initially almost too confusing to score.

Amateur players Anna Hartley and pickle pals @ Fenway’s Inaugural Pickle4America

Fashionista’s looking for any excuse to add new threads to their style-file have yet to develop a distinct pickle-look. For now it’s hip to rock bootie shorts, like adorable 16 year old phenom Jorja Johnson.

Rising star on and off the court, Jorja Johnson

In a ruffled set of Barbie-pink, white and black that’s To-Di-For, Simon Jardim fused a smokin tennis-style ensemble with a master’s level pickle game before trendsetter, Parris Todd echoed the vibes of New York city’s canyons. Her black and white gingham look would work from courts to cocktails.

Simone Jardim @ Fenway Park


Parris Todd: removable warm-up top, asymmetrical skirt, and compression booties

For now, the best fashion advice for pickle-pacemakers is come as you are. Wear what makes you comfy and bring a smile. The game encourages players to feel their best from sneakers to sun-visors.  While professional  fashionistas develop ‘the look‘, any glad-rags that make you glad you’re on-court are the ones to wear with out care.

Amateur players at Fenway with serious style at Fenway Park 


Pro pickleball players, JW Johnson ( Jorja Johnson’s brother) v former tennis pro Hunter Johnson


Hunter Johnson, Parris Todd, Jorga Johnson and her brother JW Johnson after the Pickle4 America Inaugural match at Fenway Park

As they say at Fenway ~ “Play Ball!”



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