President Abraham Lincoln is credited with saying ” No man stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child.”

It’s a noble thought, and an even more noble practice.

Tuesday afternoon President Joe Biden spoke to a gathering of supporters and elected officials from New Hampshire. His remarks focused on environmental concerns, access to the Internet and deepening the Portsmith harbor to ensure protection of nuclear submarines, as well as assist in transporting construction and defense materials.  The President announced a 2.3 billion dollar investment in a project that will secure 2,300 local jobs and an additional 6,000 employment opportunities for contractors.  It was clear the President was in New Hampshire to talk big business.

President Biden : Portsmith N.H. Port Authority 4/19/22

When the President finished his remarks, well wishers lined up for photo-ops.

President Biden and well wishers : Portsmith, New Hampshire 4/19/22

Warm smiles and quick handshakes were the politely practiced way for the President to be gracefully guided out the door for Air Force 1’s return trip to the White House.

President Biden and well-wishers : Portsmith, New Hampshire 4/19/22

In contrast to a quick “hey pal~ great to see ya” President Biden paused, stooped and chatted with a little boy who had sat patiently through the speech designed to delight a crowd of donors and politicians.

Politics aside, Joe Biden stood tall, as he stooped to chat for a while with a little boy who may, one day, in his own way, grow up to be a leader of the free world.

President Joe Biden stoops to chat with a patient little boy: Portsmith Port Authority 4/19/22



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