A little splash and a whole lotta style will help you fly through January with a smile.

Apicius, a 1st Century Roman gourmand, was on to something when he said “We eat first with our eyes”, Certainly, the same must be true for how we imbibe.


Cape Cod Seagull pottery artist, Susan Davis  /  Simon Pierce barware


Cape Cod Seagull pottery artist Susan Davis / Simon Pierce Barware

A Snow Bird Mocktail adds a little Vitamin C, some zippy flavors, and a bubbly sensation.  You may not get a buzz on but avoiding the calories of alcohol may help you get back into your pre-holiday feathers.


In thirds:

Fill your glass with Cran/Raspberry juice, OJ, and a some club soda or gingerale if you’re really craving sugar.

Garnish with a few cranberries, and a blood orange wheel

After that, you’re ready to fly through Dry January.

Where ever you may fly,  Happy Healthy New Year to all my fine feathered friends ~

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