In Marblehead, Massachusetts it’s common for Townies and tourists from far away places to wander ‘Old-Towne’ and take-in the heady mix of Colonial life in freshly salted air. The seaside community boasts of playing a role in the China Trade, the American Revolution and being home to the inspirational painting “Spirit of 76′.

Around the corner from museums that document American history Marblehead is also home to modern-day Manors of all styles. One of Boston’s most posh bedroom-communities is a picturesque super-sampler of natural-wonders.

A Lee Mansion window view of Abbott Hall, home to “The Spirit of 76”

Townies and tourists seem never to tire of visiting grand-rooms and little nooks where old-salts mingle with new souls. That nexus set the atmosphere for an event at the Jeremiah Lee Mansion, a landmark on the National Register.

Directors of the Mansion asked a research team from Boston Paranormal Investigators to confirm or rule-out countless claims made by tour-guides and tourists that the historic site is haunted. Locals confirm legends that swirl across Marblehead of Spirits, but the Museum wanted evidence that old souls live in the Lee Museum.

The Jeremiah Lee Mansion, 161 Washington St. Marblehead, MA

Paranormal Investigators set-up equipment around the Landmark known to have hosted Marquis de Lafayette and General George Washington. Careful and thorough documentation required several nights of research.

The team confirmed 161 Washington Street is haunted. For them evidence of paranormal activity included electronic-grid disruptions, inexplicable wall-knocks, and videotaped images of apparitions wandering around the house. They consider these super-natural events to be windows into the past from multiverse cross-overs, echos of traumatic events and the imprinted energies of disembodied spirits.

Boston Paranormal Investigators at the Jeremiah Lee Mansion 6/1/24

Investigators couldn’t say who’s haunting the Lee family home, but the team was convinced ghosts have been busted!

On June 1st the Boston Paranormal Investigators returned to Marblehead to participate in a docent-lead tour around the Manse. The intention was to demonstrate to guests how the Investigators worked at the historic site.

The Lee Mansion Grand staircase

As the tour neared conclusion an Investigator placed ambient sound-cancelling headphones on her head to exclusively tune-into imprinted energies. She welcomed guests to pose questions to Spirits in the room. When she intercepted voices, she echoed their messages from the other side. 

After a few generic questions a neighborhood woman asked ” Are you here to speak to anyone in particular?”

In a distinctively loud voice the Investigator said  “AMBER”.

Stunned, the Marbleheader said, “I’m AMBER, are you my grandmother Gigi?”  

But no reply was heard. The spirited demonstration ended in a hush and a rush.

Amber Raye

Amber describes herself as someone fascinated by paranormal activity. She grew-up listening to her great-grandmother,Gigi, tell stories of Salem’s Merchant Hotel. Collecting chestnuts together throughout the 80’s and 90’s Gigi’s stories inspired Amber’s passionate curiosity about the spiritual realm.

The duo shared a psychic-bond Amber describes as joyous. Although Gigi passed 25 years ago, happy memories of simple pleasures allow Amber to revisit her great-grandmother’s loving soul. An antique jewelry box, wedding band, and a century old family Bible are sentimental portals for the modern-day Header to access her great-grandmother’s spirit.

Amber believes, ” When a spirit shares anything, whether a story or secret about their life, it’s sacred. They’re trusting you.” These treasures give me a” profound sense of realization that love never dies and that life is short and precious.”   

In her day-to-day routines Amber is mindful of being present, but see feels comfort in finding a chestnut or spotting a cardinal on her path. See sees these little surprises as reassurances departed loved-ones are near-by.

Prior to attending the Lee Mansion demonstration Amber told her partner how intensely she’s been missing her great-grandmother and how she longs to hear Gigi’s voice. He was one of the guests who witnessed the Paranormal Investigator say Amber’s name.

At the end of the demonstration he sat next to her, incredulous.  Moved to tears Amber announced to the crowd “I know in the pit of my soul that was her.”  

This was not the night the Directors, docents or guests of the Lee Mansion anticipated. The group expected to share an evening taking-in the heady atmosphere of Colonial sites and natural-wonders. Instead, the collected souls experienced a super-natural event inside a National Landmark.

In the shadow of ” The Spirit of 76″ Boston Paranormal Investigators documented the “The Spirit of Love” between a Townie and a Traveler from a distant place. The sensation is one Amber said she will never forget.

Although she remains open-minded about paranormal activities and never expects to hear or see anything, Amber is considering making an appointment with a Medium to hear more from Gigi.

Stay Tuned!

For more information call Boston Paranormal Investigators 617 575 9111

The Jeremiah Lee Mansion is open for tours June -October

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