Ready to spring forward?  Starbucks can help you make the leap!

Looking for signs of Spring in early March can be challenging.  So, when Starbucks announced it’s latest coffee drink  ‘Iced Toasted Vanilla Oat-milk Shaken Espresso ‘She’ raced to the nearest drive-threw to try one.


Turns out the 200 calorie treat is a worthy compliment to the permanent stars earned by it’s perky cousins, ‘Iced Brown Sugar Oat-milk Shaken Espresso’  and ‘Iced Chocolate Almond-milk, Shaken Espresso.’

‘She’ thinks these cool blends will leave you pleasantly ‘shaken’ and ‘stirred’ till the snow melts and Spring officially sprouts-up around you on March 20th.

PS…. If you’re inclined to spring from a morning jolt into cocktail-mode a splash of vodka pairs well with the kiss-worthy cousins,

Tito’s Vodka : made in Austin Texas

These coffee drinks cost more than an ordinary cup of Joe,,, but they’re definitely worth the splurge if you’re eager to Spring forward as fast as possible.




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