Familiar with the internet meme “How it Started and How it’s Going,”?  Tennis fans can play along by scoping-out Mrs.Trump’s most recent contributions to the history of the White House.

How it Started: 2016, The White House Tennis Shed: part basketball court, part Beer Summit center.

The multi-purpose-court more representative of street-life than an appropriate space on the grounds of the Executive Mansion has been upgraded. The area includes a proper tennis court and a restored Grandchildren’s garden.  An advocate of wildflower gardening, Lady Bird Johnson first imagined a special place for grandchildren at the White House. Mrs.Trump’s restoration includes new pavers for future White House grandchildren to imprint with their hands and feet.

Nearby the thoughtfully designed, Tennis Pavilion and surrounding landscape are now compliments to the White House rather than urban blight.

‘How it’s Going’ The White House Tennis Pavilion 2020 photo credit : bing

On December 7th, Mrs.Trump said  “It’s my hope that this private space will function as both a place of leisure and gathering for future First Families.”  Built in partnerships with the Trust for the National Mall and the National Park Service, the project was funded with private donations.

The original tennis court built in 1902 under Teddy Roosevelt’s administration has been a favorite outdoor sport center for most administrations.

Like the White House bowling lane, game room, movie theater, putting green, and pool, these chill-zones are intended to be places where First Families and friends can relax or hold informal business meetings.The casually elegant tennis court has been a favorite match-making zone in White House history.

In addition to being used for private competitions,President Harding, hosted the first women’s tennis exhibition at the White House and Nancy Reagan used the space for fund-raising

President Harding : Photo Credit White House Museum Archive

President Reagan and First Lady Nancy : Bing photo credit


Mrs.Trump’s latest improvement to the history of the White House will be part of her legacy. She flipped the score card from ‘How it Started’ to ‘How it’s Going, on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and left the President’s Mansion a gracious legacy to be enjoyed by all future First Families.

For more fun facts about White House history check out. www.White house museum. org

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