Forrest Gump said “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.”  The same could be said of the Audrain Automotive Museum. Ya never know what you’re going to see, till you take a spin through their galleries where hot wheels meet high tech and the convergence of combustible engineering.

Some of the Audrain Museum’s International Super Models

The Audrain Museum rotates super-cars across their hardwood track like fashion designers rotate super-models across glossy runways. In the same way fashionistas boast of flashy colors, experimental concepts, and sleek contours, car designers similarly capture the elusive spark of pure creativity.  At the Audrain, wizards of wheels translate the essence of automative ingenuity into dreams of Rrrrrrrrr P M’s.  The galleries of this museum are a shifting constellation of gears to behold with wonder.


Audrain’s super model runway for a Ducati and Mercedes


Fashion guru Ralph Lauren is moved by his Lamborghini


The breath of comedian and Newport resident, Jay Leno’s car collection is jaw-dropping.


Transcending fame, fortune and the international date-line, these super-models transform even the conservative wearers of tweed into honorary ‘gear-heads’. Little can prepare visitors of the Audrain for their super-charged emotions when they see the masterpieces of engineering in-person.


Classic, Red Hot Ferrari


Now through May 29th, the Audrain is featuring a collection of super-models that are as much a reflection of international history as they are a collaborative, yet fashionable, tribute to science.

Mercedes meets Porsche


Cross-roads of invention at the Audrain where a classic cross-town bus and a super model McLaren share vectors



Women Take the Wheel Summer 2021 Mercedes



The galleries of the Audrain Museum on 22 Bellevue Avenue in Newport, Rhode Island are an exceptional landmark of entrepreneurialism, industrial accomplishment and refined tastes. The International models are waiting to be seen, they’re buffed and ready for their close-ups.


In conjunction with Newport’s Daffodil Days, the Audrain is co-hosting a special event, on Sunday, April 24th at 8AM.  Prizes will be awarded to the “best dressed’ car in the “Driving Miss Daffodil Parade.”   It’s an opportunity to celebrate the 1,200,000 daffodils planted throughout the City of Newport and star-gaze at some “Super-models” while you celebrate Spring in style.

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