When it comes to family fun, the Boston Red Sox know how to party!

Saturday morning, April 6th at 8:30 A.M. Fenway’s gates opened to hundreds of Little Leaguers.

Balloons, face painting, and games filled the Kid’s Concourse. Music echoed through the familiar canyons of baseball fame and the signature scent of the season wafted through the air. Yep, Fenway Franks, a veritable thanksgiving for the soul, were hot and ready to round the bases of this party’s vibe.

Gate B = the portal to Kid’s Field of Dreams

” She’s” ready.

“That’s in There”

Kids of all ages took the field where Wally the Green Monster welcomed his oldest and youngest fans back to America’s first ball park.

Families walked around Boston’s emerald diamond in awe of the atmosphere where playing catch with your pals was the play of the day.

At 11:00AM  Sam Kennedy, Red Sox CEO, invited everyone to visit the new Āura Club-house and meet 3 legends of baseball history. Bob Montgomery “Monty”, Keith Foulke and Lenny Dinardo signed balls, hats and publicity photo’s while swapping stories of season’s past and dreams to come.

Caden Conner (8), Sam Kennedy,Red Sox CEO, and Matt Sheehan (10) of Woburn


Bob Montgomery

Keith Foulke

Lenny Dinardo

The pre-game party ended at 3:00.

Grounds Crews covered the in-field waiting for the Home-Opener and sunny skies.

Happy fans left Jersey Street. Some went home exhausted.

And others, like their parents, grandparents and grands before them wait patiently for Tuesday, April 9th’s, first pitch of the home series against the Baltimore Orioles at 2:10 P.M.

Ahhhh Red Sox, how we’ve missed you.

Play Ball!

Red Sox open at home 1 win behind the NY Yankees in 2nd place with 7 wins, 3 losses

Cover photo: T. J. Maguire of Pelham, New Hampshire brought his parents Ashley & Shane to the Park

Future Hall of Famer, T.J is currently playing for Salem U’s Chicken Nuggets.






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