If you’ve ever heard Harry Nilsson sing the song that says “You put de lime in de coconut, you drink ’em bot’ togedder. Put de lime in de coconut, then you feel better ”  you’ll understand the classic lyrics even better after you pour yourself one of these creamy, dreamy coconut and lime margaritas.  Whoo-hoo, ,,Doctor this is something you can take ~ all weekend long!


 The recipe calls for rimming the glass with a combo of : Kosher salt, grated lime zest and sugar. If you’ve got some handy a few coconut flakes makes the rim extra whoo-hooo.

To keep things simple this glass was dipped in Cream of Coconut to act as the ‘ glue’ for the delish garnish.

From there the trip to your wildest dreams is a quick and easy trip,


2 oz. of Cream of Coconut

2 oz of your favorite blanco tequila (This one was made with Corzo because the label said it’s a mix of art & science ~so it sounded like something Harry would recommend)

1 oz of lime juice and

1/2 oz of Cointreau ( or orange juice )

Make sure the Cream of Coconut is blended well with the other ingredients…..

Serve with plenty of ice and as Neilson says…. Whooo-hoo, call the doctor if you don’t feel better in the morning. 

Happy Summer lovies. You’ll thank yourself for trying this one!



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