Get ready to clutch your pearls girls!

Julian Fellowes revisits the ‘Gilded Age’ in a HBO series that transforms characters into caricatures who challenge the psychological-metal of both icons and iconoclasts of the late nineteenth century.

Peached in gilded cages, the Old Guard sat confidently insulated from the ambitious expectations of arrivistes determined to railroad their way onto America’s new landscape.

Ethos, pathos and humor collide when the tensions between privilege and poverty converge on the staircases that were reserved for the social climb.

The Breakers in Newport -Summer cottage built by Cornelius Vanderbilt ancestor of Gloria Vanderbilt and Anderson Cooper


Lord Fellowes uses the architecture of New York and Newport to frame lessons of this chapter of American history. Music sets the mood and fashion is the dress-code that helps to define fundamentals of the gold and the gilded cultural-coda.

The passion-filled HBO series begins streaming Monday 9 PM EST ~ keep your pearls handy!

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