As the Presidential recounts continue to dig-up voting  ‘irregularities” and law suits approach the bench, blue dogs still believe in Biden, while red elephants tout Trump. Sorting out who technically won the Presidential election will require complex legal maneuvering on a tight-rope that stretches between urban centers and the Supreme Court. Until the Justices hear the evidence, this year’s election process has the confusing look of a three-ring circus.

Even before the Presidential election is certified we’re focusing on another pivotal race.  The outcome of Georgia’s January 5th Senate run-off between Democrats Jon Ossoff and Rev.Raphel Warnock against Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue will steer the philosophical intentions of America’s political power for generations. Party Animals across the country are investing time and money trying to persuade voters that they know what’s best for the future for our Nation. As they do so, they’re calculating the inheritance of American children on partisan scorecards.

If you’re looking for UN-adultered analysis of this consequential vote, consider the lessons of  “The Little Red Hen”.

The little chick makes the difference between party philosophies so easy to understand, even toddlers get the gist of the poli-sci script.

Recapping the moral of her story, when the Little Red Hen found a few grains of wheat she asked her barnyard friends if they’d like to help her: plant, reap, mill, bake the seeds that lead to dough. A chorus of “Not I” was the communal mantra~until of course it was time to eat the bread. After cultivating the wheat, alone, The Little Red Hen soon found her barnyard friends demanding to share a slice of her hard-earned privilege.

President Ronald Reagan co-opted the parable in a short video that underscores the long-term consequences of reaping what you sow.

‘The Little Red Hen‘ is more than a parable for children. The story’s moral code holds an important lesson for all of us. If you believe in governmental mandates that confiscate private property and reassign assets then candidates Ossoff and Warnock represent your philosophy.  If you believe in working for yourself to enjoy the benefits of hard work and ingenuity then Loeffler and Perdue are the birds for you.

The question is yours to answer ~ What kind of barnyard do you want our children inherit?

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