Released in 1959 by the Capri’s  “There’s a Moon Out Tonight, Whoa-Oh-Oh, Ohhh”  is one of those oldies that transcends time and culture. Friday night, January 6th, is the full Wolf Moon. It’s time to get your Whoa-Oh-Oh, Ohhh on !

Some Native America tribes say this month’s moon holds the power of a guardian’s spirit and acts as a source of protection. Legends also say the Wolf Moon is a visual time-tracker associated with transformation, This moon marks the season between hibernation and when den-mates begin to stir, and coordinate plans to hunt with their packs

This lfie-long sky-gazer translates the music and the mythology as confirmation that, it’s time to howl baby and bite into those New Year Resolutions ~ like a “She Wolf”

Happy New Year Darlings.

” SHE WOLF” presented at the Peabody Essex Museum in February,2022 as part of the EACH/OTHER exhibit featuring the work of Indigenous artists Marie Watt and Cannupa Lakota

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