In the 1939 movie classic The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy’s Wildest Dreams took her ‘Over The Rainbow’ , “Where troubles melt like lemon drops”.

Could it be she was channeling her inner-Ina, and those Lemon Drops were actually ~ Martinis?

You don’t need to be facing a storm or from Kansas to enjoy this 5 star classic cocktail ~ twist-er.


The Barefoot Contessa’s proportions are fit for a crowd, however, it’s easy to modify her recipe.



Each of these Lemon Drops were made with :

the juice of a lemon,

a teaspoon of fine sugar,

a splash of sparkling water

&&& a bigger splash of icy vodka


Not even the ‘Wicked Witch of the West ~Beach” would say you shouldn’t double your wildest dreams this weekend.

May 16th, 2021 West Beach Beverly Farms

PUCKER ~ UP my lovies. xoxo










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