Marblehead’s historic Jeremiah Lee Mansion recently hosted and ghosted two sunset-chats with curious neighbors, members of Boston Paranormal Investigators, and a swirl of spirits from long ago.  The stately manse and period gardens are beacons of American history. They’re also a portal for souls who have departed.

Built in 1768 for Jeremiah Lee, Massachusett’s most wealthy merchant of the time, the Mansion on 161 Washington Street has been faithfully preserved as an example of American Colonial-life. The Lee family homestead had been a meeting place for important conversations with ship captains, and other business men. It also served as a gracious venue to entertain dignitaries, including Marquis De Lafayette and leader of the Continental Army, General George Washington.

Because it’s one of the finest examples of late Georgian architecture in the United States, The Jeremiah Lee Mansion was designated a National Landmark in 1960.  Original wall paper, elegant carvings, and period furnishings combine to offer guests a glimpse of the past in the center of a modern-day coastal ideal.

Another remarkable feature of this historic landmark is that docents and tourists say the Mansion is haunted. Some say they’ve seen ghosts in the third floor hallway. A former guide saw the apparition of a woman in Colonial attire descending the grand staircase, and one little boy saw a woman walk through the Grand Parlor wall before he peeled out of the tour in horror.

So credible are these incredible claims Directors of ‘The Lee’ called Boston Paranormal Investigators to spend sometime in the Mansion . They wanted documentation of the landmark’s other-worldy spirits.

With low-tech dowsing rods, high-tech radio sensors, sophisticated thermometers, and electronic grid-mappers a team of professional “ghost-busters” agreed to monitor the 256 year old Mansion. They confirmed what visitors of the National Landmark have been saying, “The Jeremiah Lee Mansion is haunted.”

To demonstrate how spirit energy lives-on in the Lee Mansion guests were encouraged to ask spirits for confirmation of their presence. Visitors volunteered to hold dowsing rods as others posed simple yes or no questions. “Did you live here?” ” Are you Mrs. Lee?” ” Are you a child?” When the answer was YES, the rods crossed. When the answer was NO the dowsing rods moved apart.

With the sun settling across Old-Towne Marblehead even skeptics on the tour began to say something really spooky was happening.

The tour moved-on to other rooms.  Strange events continued to happen.  A seasoned Lee Mansion docent’s silenced-phone went off.  Despite how she manipulated it, the chimes refused to end.

Strolling around the home framed by walls that heard the earliest whispers of the America Revolution was a privilege . With or without super-natural sensations the atmosphere was conducive to wondering what souls climbed the staircases, were warmed by the fireplaces, and slept in those cozy beds.

The 90 minute tour concluded where it began, with guests sitting in the Lee family’s Grand Parlor. 30 visitors said they had a degree of open-mindedness about what they experienced.

Before saying goodnight, two Boston Paranormal Investigators donned ambient sound blocking headphones. The Investigators said if a spirit wanted to communicate they’d hear and answer questions from the group.

Guests asked  “Are spirits in this room?” Are you a member of the original family?””Are you angry we’re disturbing your peace?”  The trance-fixed Investigators answered some of those questions cryptically. For a skeptic,  it was an interesting, but not compelling way to concluded the night.


One of the guests asked “Spirit, are you here for anyone in particular?”  Without looking up, in a distinctively loud voice the Boston Paranormal Investigator said “AMBER“.

The vibe in the room changed when the guest who asked the question said, “My name is Amber.” ” Are you my grandmother?”

After a few more minutes of silence the Investigators said the night was over….

But, for Amber the story continues.

To learn more about this National Landmark visit The Jeremiah Lee Mansion in Marblehead. Tours run from June – October.

To learn more about Boston Paranormal Investigators call 1-617-575-9111

If you’d like to read more about Amber’s incredible encounter… read the next edition of STP-News!





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