Tradition is part of Wimbledon.  There’s simply no reason to change a good thing when the good things include strawberries, cream  ~ and two gorgeous hunks!

A traditional Breakfast at Wimbledon calls for a proper dish of ripe strawberries to be served with cream. But, Novak Djokovic is taking on Matteo Berrettini in the men’s finals. It’s likely this match will be a steamy one.

The passion of Wildest Dreams may fly! Perhaps adding a Strawberry Frozè will cool things down.

Recipes for Frosè are on-line everywhere. Some are complicated, some could serve half a stadium of thirsty fans.

Before you call in a barrister to settle the details, let’s get creative. How wrong can you go when you blender~ize a few ripe strawberries with a teaspoon of sugar and a little ice, then serve the puree in a glass topped with your favorite sparkling Rosè?

It’s a quick and easy summertime cocktail that will definitely help you make proper line-calls in the English Garden, or where ever civility and tradition rule your court.


International Tennis Hall of Fame, Newport Rhode Island

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