Mona Lisa, AKA, Leonardo da Vinci’s  fantasy-girl, hangs out inside the world’s largest museum. Tourists visiting the Louvre typically find her surrounded by admirers, safely encased behind climate controlled plexiglass.  A trend-setter, Mona’s been practicing social-distancing long before the global pandemic.  Like many of us she now lives in relative isolation, the Louvre is closed until further notice. However, we can still catch her imagine on-line, and wonder is that the smirk of satisfaction or a chick who’s been-there-done-that‘?

Mona Lisa: Leonardo daVinci at the Louvre

Intrigued by her iconic demeanor Billy Joel band member, Mike DelGuidice and comedian Kevin James fused their talents to reimagine Mona Lisa in an updated medium; a music video. Together they paint a hip-Mona Lisa dancing through a sexy fantasy that includes a nod to major league baseball. ( Because what American guy doesn’t find a way to romanticize sex and baseball?)

As their music video begins Kevin James walks by a cafè on a cold snowy night. Inside, a hot woman sits with an evocative smile. DelGuidice’s pounding percussions glide the imagery from the cafè into curves that swerve with sensuality.

James near-misses and near kisses his idealized woman while dancing to a tempo that builds with breathless euphoria. After a softy lit climax the music and the imagery simultaneously dissolve into a scene of ‘socially-distanced’ wintery isolation. In the end, as it was in the beginning James walks alone. The video is worth watching for it’s creativity, production values and because the score pairs perfectly with a New Year’s Eve vibe.

DaVinci’s Mona Lisa has worked her smirk for more than 500 years. Mike DelGuidice, Kevin James and countless others consider her charms to be inspirational.  Until we can see her at the Louvre, we’re left to imagine what Mona Lisa’s provocative Facebook picture says about her New Year’s Eve plans.

If you’re a modern day Mona Lisa,,, post your selfie here.

*Mike DelGuidice is a performing artist who tours with Bill Joel as a vocalist and musician.  He’s also the founder of ‘Big Shot’, a Billy Joel tribute band. Until the pandemic ends you can catch Mike on Facebook twice each week with his ‘ Live from the Porch’ concerts. His interactive shows combine music you’ll love, spirituality and oh yeah… a few well intentioned f-bombs. You may not smile like Mona but he’s sure to put a smirk on your face.

Mike DelGuidice: sings Live From the Porch Concerts on Facebook every Weds & Sat night @ 8:30




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